Should You Wait To Buy A Home?

Mar 6, 2023

Home Blog Should You Wait To Buy A Home?

With rates up…should I wait to buy a home??

Rates have increased over the last couple of weeks and with that, buyer concern rises.

Inventory is still low in Central Oregon which drives prices up, rates are up & this makes buyers feel like things are out of reach and they pull back or pump the brakes on their home search.

Here’s what I’d like you to consider if you are a home buyer in this position…don’t pull back – let other buyers pull back so that you can avoid their competition. Sellers in this market know that they have to negotiate in order to sell their home. Those negotiations often lead to seller credits that can be used to buy down your mortgage rate.

If you’d like to speak to me and my team about your specific situation and goals, reach out to us today.

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